How to Handle a Workplace Injury

A great number of injuries that occur in the workplace are covered by workers’ compensation, and these injuries can be because of anyone and anything, and can happen at any time. Workplace accidents account as anything unanticipated and work-related incidents that leads to a loss or any form of injury. If the incident occurred during the course of employment then it can be considered a work-related injury, and many of these incidents are caused by fellow co-workers. According to the website of Evans Moore, being injured in your place of employment while doing your job doesn’t mean you have to pay for your medical expenses with your own money. You cannot be at fault if you were on the job, responsibly performing tasks you were assigned to do, and something happens to you. Worker’s compensation laws provide compensation regardless of who caused the accident, but rely more on the fact that the incident and injury occurred during the time of employment.

When the injury is caused by a fellow co-worker and happened while you were at work, the first thing to do is to inform your employer regarding the incident. This would enable the employer to document the incident and would require you to get immediate medical treatment. Reporting the incident immediately would also allow the employer to protect other employees from suffering the same injuries. When getting medical treatment, it is essential to document your injuries, and its extent. Proper documentation of the circumstances and acquiring medical records can make worker’s compensation claims more legitimate and easier to acquire.

Lastly, it is also important to make a Work Injury Accident Report, and since every state can have their own claim forms, it may be necessary to find help from workers’ compensation lawyers. Hiring a lawyer to help you fill out the forms and guide you through the whole claims process would ensure that all the necessary documents and information are given and guarantee that the workers’ compensation claim will be granted. Additionally, because there are statutes of limitations for worker’s compensation claims, having the help of Charleston workers’ compensation lawyers can assure you that you have not forfeited your right for your workers’ compensation benefits.

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