Ways To Possibly Avoid Motorcycle Injuries

Over 80 percent of reported motorcycle accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) translate into an injury or death to motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists and their families, according to the lawyers of Mazin & Associates law firm, often experience difficulty in the recovery process after being involved in catastrophic accidents.  Motorcyclists therefore should exercise extra care on the road.

Aside from wearing protection gears like helmets, visibility accessories, eye protections and leather clothing, motorcyclists may also avoid accidents by being educated especially those individuals who are starting to ride motorcycles. The NHTSA requires motorcyclists to undergo training courses for them to become equipped with skills and for them to become more extra careful while on the road. Motorcyclists should note that their protections are limited compared to individuals driving or riding automobiles. Motorcyclists are advised to be more careful when riding on slippery roads or when there are obstacles or debris on the road. Drive on a certain speed that you think you can react to road conditions. A motorcyclist driving with excessive speed may possibly crash if he or she does not notice road potholes, sand, oil spillage, or any road debris.

Motorcyclists should make sure that other vehicles clearly sees them on the road. While wearing reflectorized clothing is highly advised, motorcyclists should also prevent going to a vehicle’s blind spot or the vehicle’s side where a driver might fail to see the motorcycle. For example an automobile making a left turn on an intersection may possibly fail to notice a motorcycle from behind. Like automobile drivers, motorcyclists are also prevented to drive when they are under the influence of intoxicants. The NHTSA estimated that half of lone motorcycle accidents were caused by alcohol intoxication. Unlike automobile drivers, motorcyclists need full presence of mind and effort to balance motorcycle. It is a plus factor for motorcyclists if they learn how to anticipate any unfolding situations while on the road.

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